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Stay Together – Mediation can help

Stay Married Mediation: “Mend it, don’t end it”

Why Stay Married Mediation?
People are sometimes unsure whether they want to separate or divorce – often they want to “stay married” but need help to do this. They feel that they may have “jumped the gun” when they have marital difficulties and feel they have no option but to divorce.

By coming to see a Mediator who has extensive specialist experience of the Divorce court processes a couple can decide for themselves based on practical Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques, informed by legal-based knowledge giving them real options – so they can try other solutions. With better marriage skills they can learn and share from their new “Marriage toolbox”.

Couples can use Mediation for all sorts of issues. Some people might wish to stay together for the sake of their children or because of money worries – Mediation can help to provide options for their future arrangements.

Many marriage problems arise from financial concerns and worries, so trained Mediators can help to analyse those money issues; suggest options for change and help to find real solutions for their problems, sometimes with the help of other Mediators trained in other specialisms

This is NOT Counselling but offers a new way to “look again” at their relationship and offers options to move forward.

Stay Married Mediation is a way to help couples who are experiencing marriage problems and who would prefer to stay together rather than get divorced – it’s never too late!

“We have to rid ourselves of this dream that we are going to find the partner who is perfect in every way: emotionally, physically, intellectually – its just a nonsense. however wonderful and exciting a relationship is, you cannot sustain it at that level; and that is the reality.” (Sir Paul Coleridge announcing his Marriage Foundation in the Times on the 3rd January 2012)

For further information please contact David McHardy on 0208 506 0589 / 07960 237352

Stay Together Mediation: “For the not so Married”

Based on the same principles as “Stay Married Mediation” couples who are living together can be helped by the same processes as those for married couples – if your relationship is in trouble – get all the help you can – using your new “Together toolbox” skills – now!

Often because you are not married, there are added complications, such as where there are children involved. In these situations an independent view can be really helpful; taking the stress out of the difficulties you face – there are always options in any situation and a Mediator can help you find these – there is usually an answer!

This is NOT Counselling but if help is needed David has colleagues we can call in to help including a leading Marriage counsellor, expert in Family and Children issues; a Specialist IFA mediator to help unravel financial tangles as well as specialist Family Consultants.

For further information please contact David McHardy on 0208 506 0589 / 07960  237352

What our clients say

"I would like to thank you for the way that you have handled the sessions so far. You have made the whole experience a lot less difficult than I was expecting" (January 2012)